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Worry-free cloud data protection

MozyPro lets you schedule backups to run daily, weekly, or monthly - it’s your choice. Our award-winning cloud backup service offers automatic backup protection with the option to schedule your backups continuously throughout the day. MozyPro is affordable backup that saves you time and money (and headaches) so you can focus on other important things, like growing your business.

Got servers? We’ve got options!

Studies show that losing critical files for even 24 hours can seriously harm most businesses. And it’s about more than just losing money. It’s about your reputation, and winning new customers. Are your servers protected? MozyPro has you covered. MozyPro protects Windows and Mac servers in addition to all of your computers for complete data protection for your business.

Available whenever you are

MozyPro now includes Mozy Sync along with mobile access. Need to work on a presentation away from the office? Save it to your Mozy Sync folder and it automatically syncs across all of your devices, so you can get the job done anywhere. And files stored using Mozy Sync or backed up to the cloud are available on your iOS or Android devices (as long as your IT admin agrees). Either way, all of your files are protected and always available to you.

Serious Data Protection

Mozy is the ultimate set and forget it solution for backup. Once you have configured the settings for your employees, Mozy automatically detects and backs up new and changed files, after the initial file upload. As if that wasn’t good enough, MozyPro also backs up open and locked files, even Outlook PSTs! If you’re wondering how much bandwidth this will use, don’t worry. You can define the amount of bandwidth used all the time or between specified intervals. It’s all in your control.

Restore it your way

If disaster ever strikes, you’ll be ready. Need to restore files? Easily restore your files via the MozyPro client software, by right clicking in File Explorer (Windows), at, or through DVDs shipped straight to you. Plus, with the assistance of Mozy’s restore manager, you can easily consolidate and transfer files from Mozy to your computer in a single click.

Mozy Sync

Mozy Sync is simple and incredibly useful because it keeps every file you put into it updated throughout the day. Everywhere. Need to work on a document from home? No problem. Edit it at home, save it to your Mozy Sync folder, and when you show up to work, the updated file is on your computer. And your smartphone and tablet. It’s available whenever and wherever you want. Mozy Sync is the ultimate boost for your productivity. Best of all, your files are safe thanks to Mozy’s military-grade security.

Military-grade security

MozyPro uses the same encryption standards used by the military and trusted banking institutions. Your data is encrypted the moment a file is selected for back up, during transit through an SSL-encrypted connection, and at rest in our datacenters. That’s ultimate protection. If you’re looking to keep your company’s data safe and secure, you’ve come to the right place. Mozy has successfully completed a SOC 1 SSAE 16 Type II audit and received ISO 27001 certification. Additionally, Mozy is a HIPAA Business Associate.

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